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About us

As an initiative formed by public research institutions, DiSSCo is committed to Open Science. We believe that Open Science not only makes the scientific work more transparent and accessible but also enables a whole new set of collaborative and IT-based scientific methods. Therefore, the outputs of our common research projects are openly available as much as possible in the DiSSCo-Knowledgebase

The Knowledgebase content is organized around Projects which are represented by DiSSCo-linked projects (DiSSCo Prepare, ICEDIG, ENVRI-FAIR, MOBILISE and SYNTHESYS +). Within each Project there can be an unlimited number of Clusters Each cluster may contain an unlimited number of items with the outputs.

How to Browse into our Projects and Clusters

In the navigation bar there is the Browse section. By clicking on it, you will have access to all of dissco's contents, including dissco-linked Projects: SYNTESYS+, DiSSCo-Prepare, MOBILISE, ENVRI-FAIR and ICEDIG. The outputs are stored in Projects and its Clusters

Browse also allows you to go through a list of items in some specified order:

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