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dc.contributor.authorHyvärinen, Marko-Tapio-
dc.contributor.authorVäinölä, Risto-
dc.contributor.authorVäre, Henry-
dc.contributor.authorStåhls-Mäkelä, Gunilla-
dc.contributor.authorSihvonen, Pasi-
dc.contributor.authorKuusijärvi, Anniina-
dc.contributor.authorMyllys, Leena-
dc.contributor.authorKröger, Björn-
dc.contributor.authorHeikkinen, Mikko-
dc.contributor.authorJuslén, Aino-
dc.contributor.authorOinonen, Markku-
dc.contributor.authorSchulman, Leif-
dc.identifier.citationCitation: Hyvärinen M-T, Väinölä R, Väre H, Ståhls-Mäkelä G, Sihvonen P, Kuusijärvi A, Myllys L, Kröger B, Heikkinen M, Juslén A, Oinonen M, Schulman L (2020) General Collections Policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural History. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e58167.
dc.description.abstractAs part of its quality management and goal-driven strategic development, the Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus drafts policy documents to guide its operational sectors. The purpose of such policies is to define the content and procedures of the Museum’s activities. They answer the questions “what”, “why”, “who” and “for whom” about the activities they discuss, which is to say that they define and delimit the scope of the operational sector, provide the operations with a purpose and determine their content, describe the allocation of responsibilities in the sector under the Luomus organisation and identify the target groups. The policies provide general objectives and thus form the basis for target programmes and any action plans which in turn answer the question “How can we reach the designated goals?”. Policies are not tied to a schedule, unlike target programmes, even though they must be dynamic and updated periodically to better serve the organisation. The core activities at Luomus are: (1) maintenance of the scientific collections, (2) research and (3) expert services. The General Collections Policy sets guidelines for the maintenance of the scientific collections based on the mission of the University of Helsinki and Luomus.en_US
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dc.subjectNatural history collectionsen_US
dc.subjectcollection managementen_US
dc.titleGeneral Collections Policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural Historyen_US
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