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12/29/2020D2.2: ENVRI Community building, engagement and communications strategyMagdalena, Brus; Ahlgren, Katri; Keski-Nisula, Mari; Ozolina, Karlina;; Salmon, Emmanuel; Zilliacus, Alexander; Montinaro, Sara Gerard, Elisabeth; Clark, Hannah; Giuntini, Alessandra; Christodoulaki, Sylvia; Hübner, Christiane; Barov, Boris; Rasilo, Terhi; Kaukolehto, Marjut; Metodiev, Teodor; Leijala, Ulpu; Dinicoiu, Mirela; Tjulin, Anders; Häggström, Ingemar; Flavin, Niamh; Makower, Katharina; Vitorino, Joao; Gomes, Joana Rita; Aguiar, José; Bollard, Marine; Vincenz-Donnelly, Lisa; Morisse, Merlijn; Gaber, Sabrina; Saponaro, Giulia; Dubost, Ariane; Mahe, Sarah
1990testing doiPim Reis
2000Inherent and Acquired Hazards in Museum Objects Implications for Care and Use of CollectionsHawks, C; Makos, K
2010Health and Safety For Museum ProfessionalsHawks, C; McCann, M; Makos, K; Goldberg, L; Hinkamp, D; Ertel, D; Silence, P
2010Poisonous Heritage: Pesticides in Museum CollectionsOmstein, L.
2010Semi-automated workflows for acquiring specimen data from label images in herbarium collectionsGranzow-de la Cerda, Í.
2012Increasing the efficiency of digitization workflows for herbarium specimensTulig, M.
2012DScan – a high-performance digital scanning system for entomological collectionsSchmidt, S.
2012Whole-drawer imaging for digital management and curation of a large entomological collectionMantle, B.L.
2012Developing integrated workflows for the digitisation of herbarium specimens using a modular and scalable approachHaston, E.
2012Results and insights from the NCSU Insect Museum GigaPan projectBertone, M.A.
2012InvertNet: a new paradigm for digital access to invertebrate collectionsDietrich, C.H.
2012How to Guide: Hazards in Museum CollectionsRae, A.
2013The SALIX Method: A semi-automated workflow for herbarium specimen digitizationBarber, A.
2013Utility of QR codes in biological collectionsDiazgranados, M.
2014High-performance digitization of natural history collections: Automated imaging lines for herbarium and insect specimensTegelberg, R.
2014Focus stacking: Comparing commercial top-end set-ups with a semi-automatic low budget approach. A possible solution for mass digitization of type specimensBrecko, J.
2015iDigBio Specimen Barcode and Labeling Guide Wiki-
2015Image processing of the Belgian and African Herbarium managed by Agentschap Plantentuin Meise (Botanic Garden Meise)-
2016Data capture of the African Herbarium managed by Agentschap Plantentuin Meise (Botanic Garden Meise)-