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The European Research Infrastructure DiSSCo (Distributed System of Scientific Collections) is committed to open science and makes outputs openly available as much as possible.

The DiSSCo Knowledgebase was developed in the course of the DiSSCo Preparatory Phase Project (DiSSCo Prepare) to provide a structured and standardised technical documentation environment for relevant building blocks of DiSSCo’s technical infrastructure. It is a curated hub of information unifying deliverables of DiSSCo-linked projects (DiSSCo Prepare, ICEDIG, ENVRI-FAIR, MOBILISE, SYNTHESYS + and BiCIKL) and common knowledge for the construction of DiSSCo, a Research Infrastructure digitally uniting the natural science collections in Europe.

If you have any content that you would like to upload to the DiSSCo Knowledgebase or a suggestion for the structure, please visit our GitHub Repository and give us your feedback. You can quick visit our DiSSCo GitHub folder and check the available contenthere!

In this Knowledgebase, scientific output and other relevant documents are made accessible!

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Deliver a training strategy with distinct channels and modes of accessing training to address the identified needs, of both the data suppliers and the users of DiSSCo.

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