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Title: A cost analysis of transcription systems
Authors: Walton, Stephanie
Livermore, Laurence
Dillen, Mathias
De Smedt, Sofie
Groom, Quentin
Koivunen, Anne
Phillips, Sarah
Keywords: natural history collections;cost analysis;transcription;specimen digitisation;label;information;crowdsourcing;automation
Publication Date: 2020
Publisher: ICEDIG
Citation: Walton S, Livermore L, Dillen M, De Smedt S, Groom Q, Koivunen A, Phillips S (2020) A cost analysis of transcription systems. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e56211.
Abstract: We compare different approaches to transcribing natural history data and summarise the advantages and disadvantages of each approach using six case studies from four different natural history collections. We summarise the main cost considerations when planning a transcription project and discuss the limitations we current have in understanding the costs behind transcription and data quality.
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