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dc.contributor.authorCocks, Naomi-
dc.contributor.authorLivermore, Laurence-
dc.contributor.authorStuart Smith, Vincent-
dc.contributor.authorWoodburn, Matt-
dc.identifier.citationCocks N, Livermore L, Smith VS, Woodburn M (2020) Technical capacities of digitisation centres within ICEDIG participating institutions. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e55522.
dc.description.abstractDiSSCo, the Distributed System of Scientific Collections, is seeking to centralise certain infrastructure and activities relating to the digitisation of natural science collections. Deciding what activities to distribute, what to centralise, and what geographic level of aggregation (e.g. regional, national or pan European) is most appropriate for each task, was one of the challenges set out within the EC-funded ICEDIG project. In this paper we present the results of a survey of several European collections to establish current digitisation capacity, strengths and skills associated with existing digitisation infrastructure. Our results indicate that most of the institutions surveyed are engaged in large-scale digitisation of collections and that this is usually being undertaken by dedicated teams of digitisers within each institution. Some cross institutional collaboration is happening, but this is still the exception for a variety of funder and practical reasons. These results inform future work that establishes a set of principles to determine how digitisation infrastructure might be most efficiently organised across European organisations in order to maximise progress on the digitisation of the estimated 1.5 billion specimens held within European natural science collections.en_US
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dc.subjectStaff Skills,en_US
dc.subjectdigitisation Equipmenten_US
dc.subjectNatural History Specimensen_US
dc.subjectdigitisation Prioritisation,en_US
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dc.titleTechnical capacities of digitisation centres within ICEDIG participating institutionsen_US
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