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dc.contributorDillen, Mathias-
dc.contributorLivermore, Laurence-
dc.contributorPhillips, Sarah-
dc.contributorWu, Zhengzhe-
dc.contributor.authorOwen, David-
dc.contributor.authorGroom, Quentin-
dc.contributor.authorHardisty, Alex-
dc.contributor.authorLeegwater, Thijs-
dc.contributor.authorvan Walsum, Myriam-
dc.contributor.authorWijkamp, Noortje-
dc.contributor.authorSpasić, Irena-
dc.contributor.otherDillen, Mathias-
dc.contributor.otherLivermore, Laurence-
dc.contributor.otherPhillips, Sarah-
dc.contributor.otherWu, Zhengzhe-
dc.identifier.citationOwen David, Groom Quentin, Hardisty Alex, Leegwater Thijs, van Walsum Myriam, Wijkamp Noortje, & Spasić Irena. (2019). Methods for Automated Text Digitisation. Zenodo.-
dc.description.abstractIn this document we describe an effective approach to automated text digitisation with respect to specimen labels. These labels contain much useful data about the specimen including its collector, country of origin and collection date. Our approach to automatically extracting these data takes the form of a pipeline. Recommendations are made for the pipeline’s component parts based on some of the state-of-the-art technologies.-
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States*
dc.titleD4.1 Methods for Automated Text Digitisationen_US
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