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PreviewPublication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Novel Automated Mass Digitisation Workflow for Natural History Microscope SlidesAllan, E.L.
2018A workflow and protocol describing the field to digitization process for new project-based fossil leaf collectionsContreras, D.L.
2021ABCD (+EFG)-
2021ABCD Schema-
2020Ahead of the curve: three approaches to mass digitisation of vials with a focus on label data captureDupont, S.
2022AHM presentation - Integration between the Helpdesk and the DiSSCo KnowledgebasePim Reis, Julia; von Mering, Sabine
2018ALICE: Angled Label Image Capture and Extraction for high throughput insect specimen digitisationPrice, B.W.
2021-12-12APISs We Know About-
2021Audubon Core (AC) Schema-
2021Authors of plant names-
2021Back to the future: A refined single‐user photostation for massively scaling herbarium digitization.Davis, C.
2019Best practice guidelines for imaging of herbarium specimensGuiraud, M.
2021Best practices for digitizing a wood slide collection: The Bailey-Wetmore Wood Collection of the Harvard University Herbariavon Baeyer, M.
2019CETAF Best practices: Natural Science Collections and Access and Benefit SharingCETAF
2021CETAF Stable Identifiers - Implementation overview-
2022Challenges and lessons learned from digitizing small Brazilian herbariade Gaspar, A.L.
2021A choice of persistent identifier schemes for the Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo)Hardisty, Alex; Addink, Wouter; Glöckler, Falko; Güntsch, Anton; Islam, Sharif; Weiland, Claus