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Title: D6.3 Digitisation infrastructure design for Zenodo
Authors: Agosti, Donat
Nielsen, Lars Holm
Dillen, Mathias
Groom, Quentin
Keywords: Data models, management, publishing pipelines & services;biodiversity;repository;FAIR data;ICEDIG;DiSSCo;infrastructure;digitization;Zenodo
Publication Date: 2019
Publisher: ICEDIG
Citation: Agosti, Donat, Nielsen, Lars Holm, Dillen, Mathias, & Groom, Quentin. (2019, July 28). Digitisation infrastructure design for Zenodo. Deliverable D6.3. Helsinki: ICEDIG.
Abstract: This deliverable specifies the requirements for adapting CERN’s Zenodo services for long-term storage of large-scale digitised biodiversity data. The report describes the service(s) features, capacities, functions and its suitability. Recommendations of use and possible designs are also included. The report is structured in eight parts: 1. The context section describes the setting of the pilot, including the institutions involved (sources and services providers) and the actors within those institutions, the processes covered, and services provided. 2. The infrastructure section depicts the facilities supporting the integration of service providers and consumers, particularly APIs, programming languages, protocols, and speeds. 3. The data section provides an overview of the data model used for storing digital specimen data requiring long-term preservation, including the minimal data required for making a deposit, as well as data and metadata, which are part of each digital specimen. 4. The design section describes the overall architectural view of the implemented solution. 5. The test case section describes the upload of two data sets, a 2K of herbarium sheets with rich metadata and large digital files and a 281K of herbarium sheets with limited metadata. 6. The recommendation section provides practical recommendations to use the service(s) evaluated in the pilot, the benefits and trade-offs. 7. The references section provides the full references of bibliographic citations. 8. The appendix includes code examples.
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