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Title: D9.1 Communication and dissemination plan
Authors: Keyaert, Kevin
Casino, Ana
Gödderz, Karsten
Keywords: Policy harmonisation & International coordination;communication;dissemination;ICEDIG
Publication Date: 2018
Publisher: ICEDIG
Citation: Keyaert, Kevin, Casino, Ana, & Gödderz, Karsten. (2018). Communication and Dissemination Plan. Deliverable 9.1. Zenodo.
Abstract: The present COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION PLAN is a key mechanism to ensure the adequate progress of the project, to produce the envisaged results, and to successfully achieve the fundamental goals of ICEDIG. The C&D Plan basically seeks: * to identify procedures, * to develop impact-effective activities and * to use the most adequate means for communicating ICEDIG key features and disseminating ICEDIG outcomes. Specifically, the plan looks for the involvement and participation of all direct partners, external stakeholders and related third parties as to ensure their commitment towards ICEDIG results, and consequently to the development of DiSSCo, and the expansion of its global perception as the valuable and necessary infrastructure that meets what natural sciences research currently needs.
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