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WP6 is responsible for the design of the DiSSCo technical architecture and the development of an implementation plan. The WP activities are divided into four tasks: Task 6.1 focuses on including the harmonisation of the collection management systems (CMS) of the partner organisations, resulting in a CMS integration plan into the DiSSCo RI (D6.1) that provides the harmonisation and migration plan for the integration of the CMS into the DiSSCo RI. Within Task 6.2 the designs of the core architecture centred on the DiSSCo knowledge graph is prepared, and D6.2 supplies the implementation and construction plan for the DiSSCo core architecture. Task 6.3 complements the efforts in Task 6.2 focusing on the interoperability with end-user services, delivering a generalised set of API specifications for interaction with the DiSSCo Architecture (D6.3). Task 6.4 links the activities of WP6 to the European and global technology landscape and implements the DiSSCo data management plan, ensuring ENVRI FAIR compliance of DiSSCo services (D6.4).

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2022DiSSCo Prepare report D6.1 Harmonization and migration plan for the integration of CMSs into the coherent DiSSCo Research Infrastructure - MfN WP6/T6.1Glöckler, Falko; Pim Reis, Julia; von Mering, Sabine; Petersen, Mareike; Weiland, Claus; Dillen, Mathias; Leeflang, Sam; Haston, Elspeth; Addink, Wouter; Fichtmüller, David
2022DiSSCo Prepare WP D6.2 Implementation and construction plan of the DiSSCo core architectureLeeflang, Sam; Weiland, Claus; Grieb, Jonas; Dillen, Mathias; Islam, Sharif; Fichtmüller, David; Addink, Wouter; Haston, Elspeth
Folder's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 2 of 2