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DiSSCo officially launched its preparatory phase in February 2020 with DiSSCo Prepare, the primary vehicle through which DiSSCo will raise its overall readiness to favorably position itself for its construction and eventual operation. Construction preparedness will be achieved by developing a comprehensive Construction Masterplan that will be based on the thorough and complete integration of five critical implementation areas.

Specifically, DiSSCo Prepare will:

    1. Raise DiSSCo’s Implementation readiness level (IRL) across the following dimensions: scientific, technical, organizational, financial and data. This will enhance DiSSCo’s ability to successfully execute construction and effect related actions based on clear, actionable guidelines with minimum riskEach dimension of implementation readiness is separately addressed by specific Work Packages (WP) that includes distinct targets, actions and tasks.
    2. Deliver DiSSCo’s Construction Masterplan. This comprehensive and integrated Masterplan will be the product of the outputs of all of its content related tasks and will be the project’s final output. It will effectively serve as the organisational, scientific, financial and technical blueprint for construction of the DiSSCo RI including establishing it as a legal entity