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Title: Geology collection policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural History
Other Titles: Geology collection policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural History
Authors: Luttinen, Arto
Väinölä, Risto
Halla, Jaana
Kröger, Björn
Lintulaakso, Kari
Juslén, Aino
Oinonen, Markku
Sihvonen, Pasi
Hyvärinen, Marko-Tapio
Keywords: collection management;meteorites;natural history collections;mineral;rocks
Publication Date: 2021
Publisher: ICEDIG
Citation: Citation: Luttinen A, Väinölä R, Halla J, Kröger B, Lintulaakso K, Juslén A, Oinonen M, Sihvonen P, Hyvärinen M-T (2021) Geology collection policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural History. Research Ideas and Outcomes 7: e76875.
Abstract: The Geology Collection is part of the national collections of the Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus. General principles and guidelines for the collections are defined in the General Collection Policy of Luomus. The Geology Collection Policy is subordinate to the General Collection Policy of Luomus, clarifying its content with reference to the special characteristics of the geological collections. The Geological Collection includes mineral, rock, and meteorite specimens worldwide and from all geologic ages to support Finnish research and educational projects. The coverage emphasizes specimens from Finland, Scandinavia, Africa, and Antarctica. The Geology Collection Policy defines the purpose of the collections, the objectives, the distribution of responsibilities for collection management and maintenance in the organisation, and the principles of collection accumulation, preservation, accessibility and use to public.
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