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Title: Living plant collections policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural History
Authors: Marko-Tapio, Hyvärinen
Lindholm, Mikael
Fitzgerald, Heli
Miranto, Mari
Anttila, Aino
Pakkanen, Outi
Pulkkinen, Merja
Pehkonen, Pertti
Väre, Henry
Sihvonen, Pasi
Kuusijärvi, Anniina
Myllys, Leena
Kröger, Björn
Heikkinen, Mikko
Juslén, Aino
Oinonen, Markku
Keywords: Living plant collections;Botanic gardens;collection management;horticulture;ex situ;conservation;seed bank;biodiversity
Publication Date: 2020
Publisher: ICEDIG
Citation: Citation: Hyvärinen M-T, Lindholm M, Fitzgerald H, Miranto M, Anttila A, Pakkanen O, Pulkkinen M, Pehkonen P, Väre H, Sihvonen P, Kuusijärvi A, Myllys L, Kröger B, Heikkinen M, Juslén A, Oinonen M, Schulman L (2020) Living plant collections policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural History. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e60450.
Abstract: The collections policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus is hierarchically structured. The general collections policy defines the overall principles and guidelines. The sub-collections policies, such as the Living collections policy, comply with and apply the general collections policy and specify its guidelines and instructions, taking the special nature of the sub-collections into account. The living plant collections policy guides the care of the collections in the botanic gardens and the seed bank, excluding DNA and tissue samples which are covered by a separate genomic resources policy. The purpose of the collections policy is to help guide the care of the garden collections and the processing of information relating to the collections, thereby providing the basis for developing the botanic gardens.
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