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Title: D1.3 Initial Data Management Plan
Authors: Petzold, Andreas
Bundke, Ulrich
Franz, Daniela
Publication Date: 2019
Citation: Petzold, Andreas, Bundke, Ulrich, & Franz, Daniela. (2019). ENVRI-FAIR D1.3 Initial Data Management Plan (Version 1). Zenodo.
Abstract: The Data Management Plan (DMP) contains information on the suggested policies, standards, and sustainability activities related to the created data services, including software solutions for the services. This is done in close collaboration with the work packages on FAIR Policies and common technical solutions, to ensure the management of knowledge in the project is maintained following the FAIR principles. The DMP covers the data, documents and solutions created within the project (i.e. not the data provided by the RIs in their services, which is part of their service policies). It describes the data (including metadata) and software standards, availability, curation and preservation methods, and is based on the Digital Curation Centre model for DMPs. The initial DMP focuses on the tools and systems which are used to maintain personal data of involved project participants. The plan will be updated annually.
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