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Title: D2.1 Dissemination strategy for ENVRI-FAIR project
Authors: Magdalena, Brus
Sahlman, Enni
Ahlgren, Katri
Asmi, Ari
Publication Date: 2-Jul-2019
Publisher: ENVRI-FAIR
Citation: Brus, Magdalena, Sahlman, Enni, Ahlgren, Katri, & Asmi, Ari. (2019). ENVRI-FAIR D2.1 Dissemination strategy for ENVRI-FAIR project (Version 1). Zenodo.
Abstract: This Dissemination Strategy gathers together all information regarding the dissemination of the ENVRIFAIR project. The Strategy helps to conduct the dissemination and communication activities throughout the project by acting as a practical and regularly updated guide for the project members. The document represents Deliverable 2.1 for the project. The objective of the Dissemination Strategy is to help ENVRI-FAIR to reach its goals. All dissemination and communication activities aim to raise awareness of the ENVRI-FAIR project, its results and the wider Environmental Research Infrastructures community among identified target groups, and to encourage them to use the products and solutions developed by the project while engaging them in discussions, to ensure that the products and solutions are relevant and suitable for their requirements. The overall purpose of this document is to specify the scope, vision and means of the project’s outreach and communication, including its target audiences, content of the information to be disseminated and communicated, the mechanisms to do this effectively within the constraints of the available budget, and the metrics for assessment of its impact.
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