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Title: D8.2 Recommended scientific end-to-end demonstration services
Authors: Rivier, Leonard
Myhre Lund, Cathrine
Boulanger, Damien
Fiebig, Markus
Ferrighi, Lara
Tarniewicz, Jerome
Anders, Tjulin
Keywords: end-to-end demonstration services
Publication Date: 23-Apr-2020
Publisher: ENVRI-FAIR
Citation: Rivier, Leonard, Lund Myhre, Cathrine, Boulanger, Damien, Fiebig, Markus, Ferrighi, Lara, Tarniewicz, Jerome, & Tjulin, Anders. (2020). ENVRI-FAIR D8.2 Recommended scientific end-to-end demonstration services (Version 1). Zenodo.
Abstract: This ENVRI-FAIR Deliverable 8.2 provides high-level requirements for two scientific end-to-end demonstration services. Beyond the IT FAIR activities of the project these demonstration services are meant to serve scientists. Their implementation will make use of the technical development of the project towards more FAIRness. End to end means from data collection to the actual production of a scientific analysis product. Demonstration is understood to mean both that the service shall need further development before a full large-scale deployment, but also that if successful in demonstrating attractiveness; they can serve as showcases for the project. This deliverable is meant for internal use within ENVRI-FAIR and more specifically in WP8 Atmosphere. The actual implementation is part of the activities of Task 8.5 that started beginning of 2020.
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