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Title: D2.2 Joint Dashboard of Collections Assessment Tools
Authors: Tilley, Laura
Woodburn, Matt
Vincent, Sarah
Casino, Ana
Addink, Wouter
Berger, Frederik
Bogaerts, Ann
De Smedt, Sofie
Islam, Sharif
Mergen, Patricia
Nivart, Anne
Papp, Beata
Petersen, Mareike
Santos, Celia
Schiller, Edmund
Semal, Patrick
Smith, Vincent
Wiltschke, Karin
Publication Date: 17-Sep-2020
Abstract: Within Task 2.2 the ICEDIG collections classification scheme was enhanced, aligning it with the TDWG Collections Descriptions data model. This paper presents the Deliverable of a pilot Collections Digitisation Dashboard (CDD) developed under Task 2.2 ‘Integrate and expand institutional collection assessments’ within Work Package NA2 of the SYNTHESYS+ project. The aim of the CDD is to serve as a dynamic visual assessment tool for high-level decision making (e.g. prioritisation of digitisation) and to improve the discoverability of European Natural Science Collections (NSCs) (both digitised and undigitised). This addresses a critical need for the DiSSCo (Distributed System of Scientific Collections) initiative and DiSSCo’s associated infrastructure. Task 2.2 as a pilot endeavour (Technical Readiness Level 1 (TRL) 6), only includes the high-level information from 9 partner NSCs, covering the number of objects, taxonomic scope, collections storage categories, stratigraphy, geospatial range and level of detail in digitisation according to standards. This information is structured through a standardised Collection Classification Scheme and displayed with associated metrics. Task 2.2 builds upon a preliminary design of a CDD (TRL 3) that was itself a Deliverable of the now finalised EC funded ICEDIG project where the user needs analysis sought to balance between the effort of data acquisition from partners with the data granularity required to address the compiled user stories. Data was acquired from partners via an online form that fed into an accompanying database conforming to the agreed Collection Classification Scheme. The design and build of the pilot CDD were split into three main development phases. Phase 1: Agreement on the user stories (building on those collated in ICEDIG); Phase 2: Capture of dashboard requirements (i.e. deciding how to visually present summaries of the aggregated data and agreeing other styling specifications); and finally Phase 3: Agile build of the CDD using Microsoft Power BI, including a series of iterative consultations with stakeholders. This Deliverable includes a discussion of next steps for operationalising the CDD, discussions on the sources for gathering these data (including the CETAF Registry of Collections), the role of GBIF’s Collections Catalogue (as determined through the associated consultation in SYNTHESYS+ Task NA5.1), the integration of the classification schemes into the emerging TDWG Collections Description data standard, and lastly, the link between the CDD and the European Loans and Visits System (ELViS) that is being developed in SYNTHESYS+ Task JRA1 as a relevant component of the DiSSCo RI.
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