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dc.contributor.authorCurral, Luís-
dc.contributor.authorJoão Santos, Maria-
dc.contributor.authorInnocenti, Gianna-
dc.contributor.authorManca, Rosarosa-
dc.contributor.authorRossi de Gasperis, Sarah-
dc.contributor.authorHardy, Helen-
dc.contributor.authorFrench, Lisa-
dc.contributor.authorCasino, Ana-
dc.contributor.authorMoreira, Inês-
dc.identifier.citationLuís Curral, Maria João Santos, Gianna Innocenti, Rosarosa Manca, Sarah Rossi de Gasperis, Helen Hardy, Lisa French, Ana Casino & Inês Moreira. 2021. Landscape analysis of Human Resources policies across European Research Infrastructures. DiSSCo Prepare: WP2, T2.2, Milestone 2.5.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe goal of this report is to present the results of a landscape analysis of Human Resources (HR) policies across European Research Infrastructures (RIs), which also operate as distributed RIs like DiSSCo. Such analysis is deemed to support the elaboration of a strategic map that establishes the alignment between the HR policy and the strategic objectives of the DiSSCo. In order to identify the strategies and practices that are considered relevant in RIs' HR policy, a survey and available documental analysis on six RIs wasen_US
dc.titleMS2.5 Landscape analysis of Human Resources policies across European Research Infrastructuresen_US
dc.readinessData Readinessen_US
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