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Title: D9.3 Stakeholder Roundtables
Authors: Gödderz, Karsten
Casino, Ana
van Egmond, Emily
Willemse, Luc
Vermeersch, Xavier
Wijers, Agnes
Bloothoofd, Jeroen
Groom, Quentin
Hardy, Helen
Livermore, Laurence
Cocks, Naomi
van Walsum, Myriam
Islam, Sharif
Goodson, Hilary
Loo, Tina
Keywords: Policy harmonisation & International coordination;digitisation;ICEDIG;3D;robotics;warehousing;molecular data;cultural heritage;partnerships;distributed research infrastructures;text recognition;OCR;natural history collections;labels;dashboards
Publication Date: 2020
Publisher: ICEDIG
Citation: Gödderz, Karsten, Casino, Ana, van Egmond, Emily, Willemse, Luc, Vermeersch, Xavier, Wijers, Agnes, … Loo, Tina. (2020). Stakeholder Roundtables. Zenodo.
Abstract: Under the purview of Task 9.3, seven Roundtables were organised to gather focused expertise from outside the Project consortium. The events were organised and planned by the respective task leaders for which the expertise was needed in collaboration with the leader of T9.3, CETAF (Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities). Globally, the Roundtables aimed to set operative discussions with experts that could contribute to enhance, improve, complement and validate the content produced by the work packages involved. As an alternative mechanism to common advisory boards, they have proven really effective in tackling specific issues that either could not be entirely covered by the Project partners and thus needed to be complemented with external guidance or required concrete contributions to reach the desirable quality levels.
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