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PreviewPublication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D7.1 - A detailed plan for governance structure and function, and participation frameworkAlonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris
2023DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D7.2 - Draft Statutes and future milestones for the creation of DiSSCo ERICScory, Serge; Paleco, Carole; Alonso-Vizcaino, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris; Graber-Soudry, Ohad; Casino, Ana; Dusoulier, François; Worley, Katharine
2022DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D7.3 - Assessment tools and direction map to the implementation of common DiSSCo policiesHumphries, Josh; French, Lisa; Woodburn, Matt; Tilley, Laura; Casino, Ana; Groom, Quentin; Hardy, Helen; Hyvärinen, Marko; Islam, Sharif; Loo, Tina; Paleco, Carole; Semal, Patrick; Scory, Serge; Worley, Katharine; Smith, Vincent
2022DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS7.2 - Analysis of the legal entity models and their suitability for achieving DiSSCo objectivesScory, Serge; Paleco, Carole; Casino, Ana; Alonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris; Loo, Tina; Mergen, Patricia; Nivart, Anne; Dusoulier, François; Demanoff, Vanessa
2023DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS7.3 - DiSSCo Strategy & operational planningKoureas, Dimitris; Raes, Niels; Alonso, Eva; Casino, Ana; Addink, Wouter
2022DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS7.4 - Governance models refinementAlonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris; Graber-Soudry, Ohad
2021DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS7.5 - Design of the DiSSCo policy framework toolFrench, Lisa; Woodburn, Matt; Blettery, Jonathan; Casino, Ana; Groom, Quentin; Hyvarinen, Marko; Loo, Tina; Paleco, Carole; Pim Reis, Julia; Scory, Serge; Semal, Patrick; Tilley , Laura; Smith, Vincent
Folder's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 7 of 7