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Title: Deliverable 3.1 Summary Insights and Recommendations on DiSSCo Competencies and Digital Maturity
Authors: Hardy, Helen
Koivunen, Anne
Groom, Quentin
Mergen, Patricia
Berger, Frederik
Giere, Peter
von Mering, Sabine
Figueira, Rui
Arsenio, Pedro
Cartaxana, Alexandra
Publication Date: 2021
Publisher: DiSSCo Prepare
Citation: Hardy, H., Koivunen, A., Groom, Q., Mergen, P., Berger, F., von Mering, S., Giere, P., Figueira, R., Arsénio, P., & Cartaxana, A. (2021). DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D3.1 "Summary Insights and Recommendations on DiSSCo Competencies and Digital Maturity". DiSSCo Prepare.
Abstract: This Deliverable report summarises the key insights and recommendations from DiSSCo Prepare Task 3.1, which looked at digital skills, competencies and capabilities across individuals and organisations, as part of the wider Work Package on capacity enhancement. This task looked at insights from previous DiSSCo linked projects; a wide range of competency framework examples; sources of data about individual and organisational capabilities; and capacity building for organisations leading to the key recommendation of a DiSSCo Digital Maturity Tool. These insights are already being used as inputs to other Tasks in DiSSCo Prepare, showing the key role of capability in the broadest sense in underpinning the DiSSCo digital transformation.
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