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Title: DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS4.2 - Needs Listed Based on Potential Financial Return
Authors: Robertshaw, Steve
Keywords: Commercialisation;Market opportunity;survey;industry sectors
Publication Date: 2022
Citation: Robertshaw, S. (2022). DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS4.2 - Needs Listed Based on Potential Financial Return. DiSSCo Prepare.
Abstract: Presented here are the preliminary findings of the DiSSCo market opportunity survey. The results are positive and the insights derived from them demonstrate a positive view within DiSSCo for potential commercial collaboration. However, these preliminary survey results are based on a small and unrepresentative sample of six DiSSCo member organisations. The results of the full survey, which will be launched soon, will be of greater value as they will yield insights that are much closer to the fully representative views of DiSSCo members and partners, regarding any potential DiSSCo commercial opportunities. After a description of the survey process, we present a preliminary analysis of the results to date and any corresponding insights. Next steps are then summarised. Additional supporting information can be found in the two appendices
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