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Title: DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS4.3 - Revenue stream based on identified partnerships
Authors: GUIRAUD, Michel
LANDEL, Salomé
WORLEY, Katharine
Keywords: National contributions;contribution model;benchmarking;DiSSCo;service revenue;project revenue;partnerships;Natural Science Collections
Publication Date: 2022
Citation: Guiraud, M. et al. (2021). DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS4.3 - Revenue stream based on identified partnerships. DiSSCo Prepare.
Abstract: This milestone 4.3 considers possible public / governmental revenue streams for the Distributed System of Scientific Collections Research Infrastructure (DiSSCo-RI) and identifies key partnerships that will ensure a suitable and economically sustainable model for national contributions to the RI. It will look at the main financial challenges of creating a sustainable DiSSCo, taking into consideration DiSSCo’s unique position within the taxonomy and open data landscapes. A key consideration in this milestone is the need for financial contributions to DiSSCo to cover its central activity: the production of data, an activity which should allow the research infrastructure to reach a broader user group and attract increased investment. It will also analyse the existing ESFRI landscape and contribution models in order to ascertain to what extent these models could be applicable, or not, in the creation of the DiSSCo research infrastructure. This milestone is drafted in close collaboration with DPP WP7 (Governance, Policy and Legal framework – Task 7.1).
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