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Title: D3.2 DiSSCo Digitisation Guides Website - Consolidating Knowledge on Collections Mobilisation
Authors: French, Lisa
Berger, Frederik
von Mering, Sabine
Arsénio, Pedro
Haston, Elspeth
Bogaerts, Ann
Cubey, Robert
De Smedt, Sofie
Drinkwater, Robyn
Figueira, Rui
Hardy, Helen
Koivunen, Anne
Piirainen, Esko
Smith, Vincent
Wing, Peter
Livermore, Laurence
Wu, Zhengzhe
Livermore, Laurence
Publication Date: 2022
Citation: French, L., Berger, F., von Mering, S., Arsénio, P., Haston, E., Bogaerts, A., Cubey, R., De Smedt, S., Drinkwater, R., Figueira, R., Hardy, H., Koivunen, A., Piirainen, E., Smith, V., Wing, P., Wu, Z., & Livermore, L. (2022) DiSSCo Digitisation Guides Website - Consolidating Knowledge on Collections Mobilisation. DiSSCo Prepare WP3 - D3.2
Abstract: In order to support the digitisation activities of DiSSCo, we have considered how best to prepare collections for digitisation, digitise them, curate their associated data, publish those data, and measure the outputs of projects and programmes. We have examined options and approaches for different types and sizes of collections, when outsourcing should be considered, and what different project management approaches are most appropriate in this range of circumstances. This report describes the approach we have taken to developing an online community-edited manual, our guidelines, other relevant resources and platforms, and a set of recommendations on how to develop and this work to enhance future digitisation capacity across DiSSCo collection- holding organisations.
Appears in the Folders:DPP Work Package 3 - Capacity enhancement

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