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Title: DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D9.4 - 2nd DiSSCo Prepare All-Hands meeting
Authors: Alonso, Eva
Koureas, Dimitris
Keywords: AHM;Management;Event
Publication Date: 2022
Publisher: DiSSCo Prepare
Citation: Alonso, E. & Koureas, D. (2022). DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D9.4 - 2nd DiSSCo Prepare All-Hands meeting. DiSSCo Prepare.
Abstract: DiSSCo’s second all-hands meeting (AHM2) took place from 4-8 April 2022 as an online event hosted by the Naturalis Biodiversity Center as coordinator of DiSSCo Prepare. The objective of the meeting was two-fold. First, to collect and share information about the project's status, through a series of work-intensive sessions. Second, to build on the overall understanding necessary to foster further discussion on how to optimise DiSSCo Prepare’s last year's performance. The discussions took into account the multiple synergies but also the dependencies and risks present in the work program.
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