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Title: D3.1 Quality Management Methodologies for Digitization Operations
Authors: Nieva de la Hidalga, Abraham
van Walsun, Myriam
Xianfang, Paul Rosin
Agnes Wijers, Sun
Keywords: Digitisation;natural history collections;quality management;microscopic slides;skins;vertebrate material;liquid preserved specimens;pinned insects;herbarium sheets;rapid 3D digitisation;image quality;quality control;ICEDIG;DiSSCo
Publication Date: 30-Sep-2019
Publisher: ICEDIG
Citation: Nieva de la Hidalga, Abraham, van Walsun, Myriam, Rosin, Paul, Sun, Xianfang, & Wijers, Agnes. (2019, September 30). Quality Management Methodologies for Digitisation Operations. Zenodo.
Abstract: This report describes a set of image quality management methods aligned with six kinds of digitisation workflows covered by the ICEDIG project [46]: (1) Microscopic Slides, (2) Skins and Vertebrate Material, (3) Liquid preserved specimens, (4) Pinned Insects, (5) Herbarium Sheets, and (6) Rapid 3D Digitisation of Natural History Collections. The image quality management methods corresponding to each type of digitisation workflow are presented in separate sections. Each section describes: the quality standards that need to be observed, the digitisation workflows, the quality assurance activities to be performed during digitisation (focused on verifying that production processes deliver standard compliant products), the quality control activities that are performed after digitisation (focused on verification of products after processing), and the software and hardware tools which are used to support these quality management activities.
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