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PreviewPublication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Back to the future: A refined single‐user photostation for massively scaling herbarium digitization.Davis, C.
2019Best practice guidelines for imaging of herbarium specimensGuiraud, M.
2021Best practices for digitizing a wood slide collection: The Bailey-Wetmore Wood Collection of the Harvard University Herbariavon Baeyer, M.
2019CETAF Best practices: Natural Science Collections and Access and Benefit SharingCETAF
2021CETAF Stable Identifiers - Implementation overview-
2022Challenges and lessons learned from digitizing small Brazilian herbariade Gaspar, A.L.
2021A choice of persistent identifier schemes for the Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo)Hardisty, Alex; Addink, Wouter; Glöckler, Falko; Güntsch, Anton; Islam, Sharif; Weiland, Claus
2020Conceptual design blueprint for the DiSSCo digitization infrastructure - DELIVERABLE D8.1Hardisty, Alex; Saarenmaa, Hannu; Casino, Ana; Dillen, Mathias; Gödderz, Karsten; Groom, Quentin; Hardy, Helen; Koureas, Dimitris; Nieva de la Hidalga, Abraham; L Paul, Deborah; Runnel, Veljo; Vermeersch, Xavier; van Walsum, Myriam; Willemse, Luc
2021Consultation on Digital Specimens Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) for the operation of DiSSCoCSO
2017Copyright and the Use of Images as Biodiversity DataEgloff, W.
2020A cost analysis of transcription systemsWalton, Stephanie; Livermore, Laurence; Dillen, Mathias; De Smedt, Sofie; Groom, Quentin; Koivunen, Anne; Phillips, Sarah
2020D 4.2 A UTOMATING DATA CAPTURE FROM NATURAL HISTORY SPECIMENSHaston, E; Albenga, L; Chagnoux, S; Drinkwater, R; Durrant, J; Gilbert, E; Glöckler, F; Green, L; Harris, D; Holetschek, J; Hudson, L; Kahle, P; King, S; Kirchhoff, A; Kroupa, A; Kvacek, J; Le Bras, G; Livermore, L; Mühlenberger, G; Paul, D; Phillips, S; Smirnova, L; Vacek, F; Walker, S.
2019D1.1 Organization of Project Kick-off meeting, including a Steering Committee and a General Assembly meetingPetzold, Andreas; Asmi, Ari
2019D1.3 Initial Data Management PlanPetzold, Andreas; Bundke, Ulrich; Franz, Daniela
2019D1.4 Organisation of PWG – Membership, procedures for operationGlaves, Helen M.
2019-07-02D2.1 Dissemination strategy for ENVRI-FAIR projectMagdalena, Brus; Sahlman, Enni; Ahlgren, Katri; Asmi, Ari
2018-07-31D2.1 Inventory of criteria for prioritization of digitisation of collections focussed on scientific and societal needsBakker, Hannco; Willemse, Luc; van Egmond, Emily; Casino, Ana; Gödderz, Karsten; Vermeersch, Xavier
2019-07-01D2.2 Joint Dashboard of Collections Assessment ToolsTilley, Laura