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Title: DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D7.3 - Assessment tools and direction map to the implementation of common DiSSCo policies
Authors: Humphries, Josh
French, Lisa
Woodburn, Matt
Tilley, Laura
Casino, Ana
Groom, Quentin
Hardy, Helen
Hyvärinen, Marko
Islam, Sharif
Loo, Tina
Paleco, Carole
Semal, Patrick
Scory, Serge
Worley, Katharine
Smith, Vincent
Keywords: Policy;Software;Self-Assessment;Services;Alignment;Standards;DiSSCo;Capability;Competency;Leadership
Publication Date: 2022
Citation: Humphries, J., French, L., Woodburn, M., Tilley, L., Casino, A., Groom, Q., Hardy, H., Hyvärinen, M., Islam, S., Loo, T., Paleco, C., Semal, P., Scory, S., Worley, K. & Smith, V. (2022). DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D7.3 - Assessment tools and direction map to the implementation of common DiSSCo policies. DiSSCo Prepare.
Abstract: The Distributed System for Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) Research Infrastructure will operate a number of e-services, all of which will have policy requirements for participating institutions. These policies include those related to digital and physical access to specimens, digital image and specimen metadata, and FAIR / Open Data. Previous projects have shown that the policy landscape is complex, and Task 7.3 has developed a policy self-assessment tool that will allow DiSSCo to assess policy alignment across the consortium. This deliverable describes the development of the policy self-assessment tool and provides a walkthrough of the key features. The same technical framework was used to create a digital maturity tool, which was initially proposed by Task 3.1, and this is also described within this document. A set of recommendations are included that outline the future direction for the development of the policy tool.
Appears in the Folders:DPP Work Package 7 - Governance, Policy & Legal frameworks

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