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Title: DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D7.2 - Draft Statutes and future milestones for the creation of DiSSCo ERIC
Authors: Scory, Serge
Paleco, Carole
Alonso-Vizcaino, Eva
Koureas, Dimitris
Graber-Soudry, Ohad
Casino, Ana
Dusoulier, François
Worley, Katharine
Keywords: European Research Infrastructure Consortium;ERIC;Legal Entity;Statutes 2
Publication Date: 2023
Publisher: DiSSCo Prepare
Citation: Scory, Serge, Paleco, Carole, Alonso-Vizcaino, Eva, Koureas, Dimitris, Graber-Soudry, Ohad, Casino, Ana, Dusoulier, François & Worley, Katharine (2023). DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D7.2 - Draft statutes and by-laws; implementation plan. DiSSCo Prepare.
Abstract: After a thorough analysis of the various models suitable for establishing the DiSSCo RI as a legal entity, the conclusion arose that the most adequate model was the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (“ERIC”). The Statutes of several well established ERICs were compared and an initial draft of the Statutes was set up in order to feed the consultation of various groups of stakeholders: the partners of the task, the DiSSCo Coordination and Support Office, the DiSSCo National Nodes, and the country representatives participating to the Funders Forum. Several iterations lead to substantial improvements, reflecting what the DiSSCo community wants to do and how it will formally organize its activities and functioning to achieve the objectives. The current Deliverable presents the latest version to date of the draft Statutes of DiSSCo ERIC (December 2022) and the process that lead to it.
Appears in the Folders:DPP Work Package 7 - Governance, Policy & Legal frameworks

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