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2020-09-17D2.2 Joint Dashboard of Collections Assessment ToolsTilley, Laura; Woodburn, Matt; Vincent, Sarah; Casino, Ana; Addink, Wouter; Berger, Frederik; Bogaerts, Ann; De Smedt, Sofie; Islam, Sharif; Mergen, Patricia; Nivart, Anne; Papp, Beata; Petersen, Mareike; Santos, Celia; Schiller, Edmund; Semal, Patrick; Smith, Vincent; Wiltschke, Karin
2021-04DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D1.2 - Report on Earth sciences use cases and user storiesvon Mering, Sabine; Petersen, Mareike; Fitzgerald, Heli; Juslén, Aino; Berger, Frederik; Raes, Niels; Islam, Sharif; Figueira, Rui; Haston, Elspeth; Häffner, Eva; Livermore, Laurence; Runnel, Veljo; De Smedt, Sofie; Vincent, Sara; Weiland, Claus
2023DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D2.2 - Recommendations on the Helpdesk and user support servicesAlves, Judite; Bellucci, Luca; Berger, Frederik; Casino, Ana; Figueira, Rui; Innocenti, Gianna; Tilley, Laura
2022DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D3.2 - DiSSCo Digitisation Guides Website - Consolidating Knowledge on Collections MobilisationFrench, Lisa; Berger, Frederik; von Mering, Sabine; Arsénio, Pedro; Haston, Elspeth; Bogaerts, Ann; Cubey, Robert; De Smedt, Sofie; Drinkwater, Robyn; Figueira, Rui; Hardy, Helen; Koivunen, Anne; Piirainen, Esko; Smith, Vincent; Wing, Peter; Livermore, Laurence; Wu, Zhengzhe; Livermore, Laurence
2022DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D3.3 (including MS3.10) - Distributed Teamworking Practices and PilotHardy, Helen; French, Lisa; Humphries, Josh; von Mering, Sabine; Giere, Peter; Berger, Frederik; Koivunen, Anne; Grieb, Jonas; Vipp, Martin
2022DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS2.3 - Compilation of services and facilities to be included in the helpdeskAlves, Judite; Berger, Frederik; Casino, Ana; Domingos, Maria Dulce; Figueira, Rui; Giere, Peter; Innocenti, Gianna; Tilley, Laura
2021DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS3.1 - Improving Digital Capability - Case Studies & AnalysisHardy, Helen; Koivunen, Anne; Aino, Jusley; Mergen, Patricia; Berger, Frederik; Giere, Peter; Figueira, Rui; Cartaxana, Alexandra; Groom, Quentin
2021DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS3.2 - DiSSCo Digital Maturity Self-Assessment Tool - Design BlueprintHardy, Helen; Koivunen, Anne; Groom, Quentin; Berger, Frederik; Figueira, Rui; Arsenio, Pedro; Cartaxana, Alexandra
2021DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS3.3 - DiSSCo Capabilities – Additional Case Studies & AnalysisHardy, Helen; Koivunen, Anne; Groom, Quentin; Huybrechts, Pieter; Mergen, Patricia; Berger, Frederik; Giere, Peter; Figueira, Rui; Arsenio, Pedro; Cartaxana, Alexandra
2022DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS3.5 - Digitisation Standard Operating ProceduresFrench, Lisa; Livermore, Laurence; Haston, Elspeth; Drinkwater, Robyn; Arsénio, Pedro; Figueira, Rui; Berger, Frederik; Bogaerts, Ann; Cubey, Robert; De Smedt, Sofie; Hardy, Helen; King, Sally; Koivunen, Anne; Piirainen, Esko; von Mering, Sabine; Zhengzhe, Wu; Smith, Vincent
2022DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS3.7 - Pre-Digitisation Curation ChecklistDe Smedt, Sofie; Bogaerts, Ann; French, Lisa; Berger, Frederik; Cubey, Robert; Koivunen, Anne; Lohonya, Krisztina; von Mering, Sabine; Wainwright, Tara; Wing, Peter; Livermore, Laurence
2022DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS3.9 - Secondment Procedures for DiSSCoHardy, Helen; von Mering, Sabine; Berger, Frederik; Giere, Peter; Mergen, Patricia; Koivunen, Anne; Weiland, Claus; Grieb, Jonas; Vipp, Martin; Põldmaa, Kadri