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Title: Milestone MS1.1 Corpus of Life science user stories and use cases compiled, gaps identified and new surveys, if any, initiated & Milestone MS1.2 Corpus of Earth science user stories and use cases compiled, gaps identified and new surveys, if any, initiated
Authors: von Mering, Sabine
Petersen, Mareike
Fitzgerald, Heli
Juslén, Aino
Berger, Frederik
Raes, Niels
Islam, Sharif
Figueira, Rui
Haston, Elspeth
Häffner, Eva
Livermore, Laurence
Runnel, Veljo
De Smedt, Sofie
Vincent, Sara
Weiland, Claus
Contributors: Schulman, Leif
Järvi, Jani
Frank, Jiři
Loo, Tina
Mergen, Patricia
Semal, Patrick
Keywords: Collections;DiSSCo;Earth Sciences;Geosciences;Geology;Minerology;Paleontology;Gap analysis;Cluster analysis;research;Use cases;User requirements;DiSSCo Prepare
Publication Date: Apr-2021
Publisher: DiSSCo-Prepare
Abstract: This Deliverable D1.2 from the project DiSSCo Prepare reports the results of Task 1.2 “Analyse Earth sciences use cases and user stories”. A total of 128 Earth sciences user stories and use cases was analysed with a special emphasis on the functional demands and required services for the DiSSCo Research Infrastructure. Use cases were gathered from surveys, publications and personal interviews, they were assigned to one out of seven stakeholder groups. For each use case up to five functional demand categories were assigned. Use case analyses revealed that the most important demands for Earth science collections were ‘Metadata on collection or record level’, ‘Advanced search functionality’, ‘Data integration’ and ‘Tools for reporting & statistics’. The socio-economic importance of the use cases is discussed and recommendations for the related ongoing Work Packages and the DiSSCo services development in general are given in this report.
WP number: WP1
Appears in the Folders:DPP Work Package 1 - User needs & socioeconomic impact

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