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2016Data capture of the African Herbarium managed by Agentschap Plantentuin Meise (Botanic Garden Meise)-
2016Digitization workflows for paleontology collectionsKarim, T.
2017Copyright and the Use of Images as Biodiversity DataEgloff, W.
2017Digitizing specimens in a small herbarium: A viable workflow for collections working with limited resourcesHarris, K.M.
2017The use of low cost compact cameras with focus stacking functionality in entomological digitization projectsMerterns, J.
2017iCollections methodology: workflow, results and lessons learned.Blagoderov, V.
2018D9.1 Communication and dissemination planKeyaert, Kevin; Casino, Ana; Gödderz, Karsten
2018D2.1 Inventory of current criteria for prioritization of digitizationHannco, Bakker; Willemse, Luc; van Egmond, Emily; Casino, Ana; Gödderz, Karsten; Vermeersch, Xavier
2018D6.1 ICEDIG - Data Management PlanSaarenmaa, Hannu; Agosti, Donat; Chagnoux, Simon; van Egmond, Emily; Groom, Quentin; Hardisty, Alex
2018Imaging natural history museum collections from the bottom up: 3D print technology facilitates imaging of fluid-stored arthropods with flatbed scannersMendez, P.K.
2018Toxins in the Collection: Museum Awareness and ProtectionSlocum, N.
2018ALICE: Angled Label Image Capture and Extraction for high throughput insect specimen digitisationPrice, B.W.
2018A workflow and protocol describing the field to digitization process for new project-based fossil leaf collectionsContreras, D.L.
2018Large–scale digitization of herbarium specimens: Development and usage of an automated, high–throughput conveyor systemSweeney, P.W.
2018-07-31D2.1 Inventory of criteria for prioritization of digitisation of collections focussed on scientific and societal needsBakker, Hannco; Willemse, Luc; van Egmond, Emily; Casino, Ana; Gödderz, Karsten; Vermeersch, Xavier
2019D3.4 State of the art and perspectives on mass imaging of liquid samplesvan Walsum, Myriam; Wijers, Agnes; Kamminga, Pepijn; van der Mije, Steven; van Dorp, Karen
2019D3.3 State of the art and perspectives on mass imaging of skins and other vertebrate materialvan Walsun, Myrian; van der Mije, Steven; Wijers, Agnes; Willemse, Luc
2019D5.1 Working with citizens to enrich data: recommendations and source repositoryLe Bras, Gwenaël; Chagnoux, Simon; Dillen, Mathias
2019D5.3 Natural history collections and digital skills of citizensRunnel, Veljo; Hardy, Helen; Sanghera, Harpreet; Robinson, Lucy; Shennan, Victoria; Livermore, Laurence; De Smedt, Sofie
2019D3.7 Rapid 3D capture methods in biological collections and related fieldsNieva de la Hidalga, Abraham; Rosin, Paul; Sun, Xianfang; van Walsum, Myriam; Wu, Zhengzhe