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PreviewPublication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Advocacy Strategy - Country engagement - DiSSCo RI preparatory phaseAlonso, Eva; Cassino, Ana; Koureas, Dimitris; Loo, Tina
2021D9.1 Kick-Off MeetingAlonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris
2021D9.3 1st DiSSCo Prepare All Hands MeetingAlonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris
2022DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D7.1 - A detailed plan for governance structure and function, and participation frameworkAlonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris
2021DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D8.1 - Communication and Dissemination StrategyCasino, Ana; Cassarino, Céline; Kamatali, Marie Laure; Gödderz, Karsten; Alonso, Eva; Alves, Judith; Dusoulier, François; Goodson, Hilary
2021DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D9.2 "Data Management Plan"Alonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris
2022Milestone 7.4 Governance models refinementAlonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris; Graber-Soudry, Ohad
2021MS 8.3 National and Institutional Strategies CollectedCasino, Ana; Alonso, Eva; Loo, Tina; Kamatali, Marie-Laure
2022MS-7.2 Analysis of the legal entity models and their suitability for achieving DiSSCo objectivesScory, Serge; Paleco, Carole; Casino, Ana; Alonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris; Loo, Tina; Mergen, Patricia; Nivart, Anne; Dusoulier, François; Demanoff, Vanessa
2021MS8.6: Identifying Indicators for AlignmentFrench, Lisa; Alonso, Eva; Casino, Ana; Dusoulier, François; Fitzgerald, Heli; Groom, Quentin; Juslén, Aino; Livermore, Laurence; Mergen, Patricia; Tonon, Damian; Veltjen, Emily; Vincent, Sarah; Worley, Katharine; Smith, Vincent
2021MS9.18 Risk Registry UpdateAlonso, Eva; Koureas, Dimitris
2021Procurement Strategy and Policy: DiSSCo Prepare WP 8 - Milestone 8.4French, Lisa; Livermore, Laurence; Alonso, Eva; Casino, Ana; Dusoulier, François; Groom, Quentin; Hardy, Helen; Juslén, Aino; Mergen, Patricia; Smith, Vincent