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PreviewPublication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Handbook of best practice and standards for 2D+ and 3D imaging of natural history collectionsBrecko, J.
2021Handle system-
2010Health and Safety For Museum ProfessionalsHawks, C; McCann, M; Makos, K; Goldberg, L; Hinkamp, D; Ertel, D; Silence, P
2020Herbarium collections policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural HistoryVäre, Henry; Myllys, Leena; Väinölä, Risto; Sihvonen, Pasi; Kuusijärvi, Anniina; Ståhls- Mäkelä, Gunilla; Kröger, Björn; Juslén, MarkkuAino; Schulman, Leif; Hyvärinen, Marko-Tapio
2014High-performance digitization of natural history collections: Automated imaging lines for herbarium and insect specimensTegelberg, R.
2022How can I register in ELViS?-
2012How to Guide: Hazards in Museum CollectionsRae, A.
2022How to structure content in the DiSSCo Knowledgebase?-
2017iCollections methodology: workflow, results and lessons learned.Blagoderov, V.
2020Identification of provisional Centres of Excellence for digitisation of European natural science collectionsDixey, Katherine; Woodburn, Matt; Hardy, Helen; Livermore, Laurence; Stuart Smith, Vincent
2020Identifiers for our institutes – GRID and RORWouter ,Addink
2015iDigBio Specimen Barcode and Labeling Guide Wiki-
2015Image processing of the Belgian and African Herbarium managed by Agentschap Plantentuin Meise (Botanic Garden Meise)-
2018Imaging natural history museum collections from the bottom up: 3D print technology facilitates imaging of fluid-stored arthropods with flatbed scannersMendez, P.K.
2021-10-01Implementation of the IIIF for Natural History CollectionsMeeus, Sofie; Augus, Tom; Reyserhove, Lien; Trekels, Maarten; Groom, Quentin
2020Importance of FAIR data mobilization for taxonomic researchIslam, Sharif
2019Improved standardization of transcribed digital specimen dataGroom, Q.