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2019D3.5 State of the art and perspectives on mass imaging of pinned insectsWu, Zhengzhe; Koivunen, Anne; Saarenmaa, Hannu; van Walsum, Myriam; Wijers, Agnes; Willemse, Luc; Ylinampa, Toivo
2020Living plant collections policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural HistoryMarko-Tapio, Hyvärinen; Lindholm, Mikael; Fitzgerald, Heli; Miranto, Mari; Anttila, Aino; Pakkanen, Outi; Pulkkinen, Merja; Pehkonen, Pertti; Väre, Henry; Sihvonen, Pasi; Kuusijärvi, Anniina; Myllys, Leena; Kröger, Björn; Heikkinen, Mikko; Juslén, Aino; Oinonen, Markku
2020D5.4 Digitisation of private collectionsWillemse, Luc; Runnel, Veljo; Saarenmaa, Hannu; Casino, Ana; Gödderz, Karsten
2018D9.1 Communication and dissemination planKeyaert, Kevin; Casino, Ana; Gödderz, Karsten
2019D3.2 State of the art and perspectives on mass imaging of microscopic and other slidesAllan, E Louise; Livermore, Laurence; W Price, Benjamin; Shchedrina, Olha; Smith, Vincent
2020Conceptual design blueprint for the DiSSCo digitization infrastructure - DELIVERABLE D8.1Hardisty, Alex; Saarenmaa, Hannu; Casino, Ana; Dillen, Mathias; Gödderz, Karsten; Groom, Quentin; Hardy, Helen; Koureas, Dimitris; Nieva de la Hidalga, Abraham; L Paul, Deborah; Runnel, Veljo; Vermeersch, Xavier; van Walsum, Myriam; Willemse, Luc
2020Towards a scientific workflow featuring Natural Language Processing for the digitisation of natural history collectionsOwen, David; Groom, Quentin; Hardisty, Alex; Leegwater, Thijs; Livermore, Laurence; van Walsum, Myriam; Wijkamp, Noortje; Spasić, Irena
2020D9.2 Humanities Researcher Synergies with Natural Science Collections and ArchivesLoo, Tina; Casino, Ana; Gödderz, Karsten; Wijers, Agnes
2021Invertebrate collections policy of the Finnish Museum of Natural HistoryVäinölä, Risto; Kaila, Lauri; Mattila, Jaakko; Sihvonen, Pasi; Hyvärinen, Marko-Tapio; Schulman, Leif; Juslén, Aino
2019D4.2 Report on New Methods for Data Quality Assurance, Verification and EnrichmentPhillips, Sarah; Dillen, Mathias; Groom, Quentin; Green, Laura; Weech, Marie- Hélène; Wijkamp, Noortje